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2023 Learning Frameworks of the 23 BB schools

The Learning Framework is the overarching framework that governs everything that takes place at a particular learning place or school. The Learning Framework of a school and the Bhutan Baccalaureate Learning Process are inextricably linked in terms of design and context. The development of a learning framework is determined by the learning process. The Learning Process focuses on the development of the learners’ Skills, Processes, and Watermark. The Learning Framework is constantly changing in response to the needs of individuals, the school, and the community. Therefore, the learning framework is dynamic and contextualised to the individual school which changes every year. The Five Areas of Development are given equal weight in the Learning Framework. In the Learning Framework, nature, aesthetic and technology are considered critical components in the learning process through concepts and domain-specific information.

The Learning Framework is developed based on the psychological, cognitive and social background. Therefore, learners learn best when their prior knowledge, preconceptions and background are recognized and engaged in the learning experiences when the learner has time to build a learning roadmap upon foundational knowledge through an active, experiential and contextual varied learning environment, and when the learners take control of their own learning through metacognitive reflection. The Learning Framework provides a variety of approaches to help learners in the development of new knowledge that is precisely and meaningfully organised to apply in new contexts.

The Royal Academy

Bjishong HSS

Damphu CS

Dechencholing HSS

Drukgyel HSS

Drukjegang HSS

Gelephu MSS

Jakar HSS

Kabesa CS

Kengkhar MSS

Khaling LSS

Kuzugchen MSS

Nganglam CS

Phuntshothang MSS

Samtengang CS

Samtse HSS

Tsenkharla CS

Tshangkha CS

Tshaphel LSS

Wangbama CS

Wangchu MSS

Zangkhar PS

Zhemgang PS