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Bhutan Baccalaureate: The Learning Journey in 23 schools.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education & Skills Development and Druk Gyalpo’s Institute was signed in 2021 to transition the Bhutan Baccalaureate to 22 schools. The Learning Process of the Bhutan Baccalaureate has been implemented in the classrooms of 23 Bhutan Baccalaureate schools, and opportunities have been created to enhance the engagement among the students and teachers of the 23 schools. The Learning Showcase is an annual event that serves as a platform to share and exchange learning and practices that schools have developed during their journey in transitioning to the Bhutan Baccalaureate Learning Process.

The schools had the option to showcase their learning through videos and live presentations showcasing the contextualisation and implementation of the Bhutan Baccalaureate Learning Process in their school. With the Bhutan Baccalaureate Learning Process entering the lives of students from February 2023, the showcase this year included student and parent voices as well as the experiences of the members of the communities around the school. Students and teachers from the 23 Bhutan Baccalaureate watched the showcase virtually on the 9th and 10th of June. The sharing of the learning journey by students was the session that all the schools looked forward to.

This report highlights the learning journey of the 23 Bhutan Baccalaureate schools in contextualising the Bhutan Baccalaureate Learning Process. While all 23 schools are implementing the Learning Process, this showcase allowed each school to present areas of the Learning Process that represents the strengths of an individual school. Hence, the variety of showcases ranging from examples of learning experiences created for learners in the Five Areas of Development, use of technology, the impact of mentorship, the introduction of Aesthetics, focus on STEM and engagement with the community were some of the recurring themes from the showcase. The report provides a synopsis of the learning journey of each school and a summary of the panel discussion on the learning journey of students. To get a detailed account of the learning journey of a school, the video recording of the learning journey of each school is accessible as a hyperlink.