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Work With Us

  • Faculty for Teacher Development Centre

    Responsible for developing and conducting teacher education and learning programmes that support teacher learning and growth in the School and across the country and worldwide. Work closely with teachers in the School to understand their professional development needs and address them effectively.

  • Researcher

    Conduct research with a focus on the philosophy of assessment, assessment validation, and curriculum development to support an evolving system of education.

  • Teacher

    Responsible for planning, organizing and delivering learning experiences in his /her area of expertise to support the development of students in a stimulating learning environment. Responsible for undertaking administrative, pastoral, research, and teacher development activities, to support achievement of The Royal Academy’s Vision and philosophy.

  • Full Stack Developer

    We are looking for a Full Stack Developer with skills to build database-backed APIs and Web applications. Responsible for designing and developing database for software applications, create and deploy databased-backed web APIs, and secure and and manage user authentication and access control for an application backend.

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