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Standard Fitness Test

The Standard Fitness Test is done five times a year after the completion of every Learning Cycle. The test is done to gauge the students’ physical area of development over the course of the year. The Standard Fitness Test consists of the following activities: Beep Test, Burpee, Power ball overhead throw (backward), 40m sprint, Alternate hand wall tosses, Agility Run, Standing Broad Jump, Sit and Reach, Stork Stand Test, and Dart. 

Standard Fitness Test 1 – 30th April 2022

Standard Fitness Test 2 – 4th June 2022

Standard Fitness Test 3 – 30th July 2022

Artificial Intelligence for Educators

Artificial Intelligence Thumbnail

For its proponents, Artificial Intelligence is the future of education, and it’s already showing up in the learning tools at home & in the classroom. The goal of artificial intelligence in education is to use technology to personalize teaching by tailoring the learning experience to individual student needs. The advancement of AI in education, and in the use of data in education decision-making, has the potential to fundamentally change the way we teach and learn, and the way we assess student outcomes.

Educators are increasingly applying AI to their classrooms, and it’s creating some innovative and exciting outcomes in both the classroom and beyond. It is believed that AI will personalize education for every child in a manner hitherto unseen.