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Conversation on the Emotional Area of Development

Engagements among the 23 Bhutan Baccalaureate Schools – Conversation on the Emotional Area of Development, organized by students of Drukjegang HSS and The Royal Academy.

In 2023, the implementation of the contextualised Bhutan Baccalaureate Learning Process in the 23 schools will present unique challenges and opportunities for each school. Therefore, it is vital to create platforms for each school to showcase its strengths and receive support in overcoming the challenges. The experiences and anecdotes of the schools during the implementation of the Learning Process must be documented and shared within and beyond the 23 schools. Through engagement programs such as competitions, exhibitions, and showcase opportunities, students, teachers, and schools will learn from one another in the Five Areas of Development. Collaborating in such programs will provide an avenue for teachers to share experiences, identify areas of improvement, and stay updated with new education trends. Additionally, the sharing of resources and exposure to diverse perspectives will enrich the overall learning experiences for students, teachers and schools.

In this regard, several engagement programmes have been planned for and by the 23 schools in order to increase the active engagement of students and teachers in their learning journey. These engagement programmes will allow them to develop Skills, Processes and Watermarks beyond the physical space of their own schools.

The purpose of the Conversation on Emotional Development is to enrich the understanding of Emotional Development among the students and teachers of the 23 schools. The engagement aims to share effective methods and approaches to help learners recognise their emotions and develop self-regulation skills. It also aims to provide insights into practical tools that learners can use to promote their emotional well-being and growth. By enhancing the understanding of Emotional Development participants can set themselves up for success and actualise their innate potential. Ultimately, the conversation should help learners move a step closer to becoming Persons of Substance who will make positive contributors to their community and country.

The report on the conversation on Emotional Development can be found here

The video recording of the conversation can be found here