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International Student Scholarship Application Form

    1. Student Information:

    2. Family Information:


    3. Background Information of applicant:

    a. Education History of applicant

    b. Have you been suspended or expelled from previous schools*   

    c. Medical History

    Does the applicant suffer from any illnesses or require any medical support? *   

    4. Personal Essay Submission Section:

    a. Personal Essay information: - Click here to download

    b. Please upload your Personal Essay:*   (only PDFs & Word Doc allowed)


    5. Video Uploading Section:

    Information on Video

    The applicant must choose to talk about any of the following four topics for the video and the video must be at least 1 minute long. The video should depict the applicant talking about the chosen topic in front of a camera.

    1. 1. What motivates you to pursue enrollment to The Royal Academy?

    2. 2. Describe a challenging situation you’ve faced in your learning journey and how you handled it.

    3. 3. How do you envision contributing to The Royal Academy if admitted?

    4. 4. What motivates you to explore new ideas or topics outside of your academic curriculum?

    Information on Video Submission

    For the submission of the video, it must be uploaded in the space below as a HTML link.

    *The video must be saved and uploaded on a Google Drive folder. From the Google Drive Folder, the video link can be shared and made accessible to all – this link should be pasted in the space above. For detailed direction on how to share your video, click this link.