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Programmes on Physical Area of Development across the 23 schools

The Bhutan Baccalaureate sees education as a wholistic process that extends far beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. The Bhutan Baccalaureate provides a framework for the wholistic development of learners based on the Five Areas of Development: Cerebral, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Physical Development is focused on motor development and physical health and well-being of the learners. These aspects of physical development are essential for learners’ to lead active, healthy lifestyles and ensure overall success in other Areas of Development.

Given this significance of the Physical Area of Development, each school planned, organised, and facilitated a programme focused on the Physical Area of Development in their respective schools in the month of February as a part of engagements among the 23 Bhutan Baccalaureate schools.

The programmes organised by the 23 schools with a focus on Physical Development are diverse and aim to promote the overall wellbeing of students and faculty members. While some schools organised one-off activities like sporting competitions, mass cleaning programmes, and health talks, others focused on year-long programmes such as the initiation of morning physical exercise in the school. Overall, most schools targeted their programmes to the students, while a few included programmes for faculty members as well.

The report on the programmes on the Physical Area of Development can be found here.