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HRH Gyalsey Annual Mathematics Award

The HRH Gyalsey Annual Mathematics Award, a joint initiative by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development and the Druk Gyalpo’s Institute, was instituted in 2022 towards fostering and nurturing students’ natural aptitude in Mathematics. This prestigious award offers a platform for students to demonstrate their mathematical skills, with a specific emphasis on number sense and proficiency in inductive and deductive reasoning. The award is instituted with the following primary objectives: 

  • 1. Emphasize the significance of Mathematics as a language to comprehend the universe. 
  • 2. Enhance and nurture students’ innate Mathematical abilities. 
  • 3. Encourage students to learn Mathematics and pursue careers in STEM-related fields. 
  • 4. Motivate and recognize students and schools. 
  • 5. Assess the disparity between curriculum outcomes and student achievements at key stages IV and V. 
  • 6. Utilize insights from student performance to evolve the National School Curriculum for Mathematics. 

The HRH Gyalsey Annual Mathematics Award is a national-level test administered to students at two levels: Middle Secondary School (classes 9 & 10) and Higher Secondary School (classes 11 & 12). There were 1927 participants from Middle Secondary School out of which 844 participants were female and 1083 participants were male. Similarly, there were 1066 participants from Higher Secondary School out of which 372 participants were female and 694 participants were male. 

The test for the HRH Gyalsey Mathematics Award 2023 took place on the 13th of November from 2:30 to 4:00 PM.  The following are the recipients of the HRH Gyalsey Annual Mathematics Award for the year 2023; 

Middle Secondary School level (Class 9 and 10)

  • 1. National Mathematics Champion for Higher Secondary School: Tandin Zangmo, Class X, Lamgong HSS, Paro 
  • 2. First Runner-Up: Karma Kelzang, Class X, Dechentsemo HSS, Punakha 
  • 3. Second Runner-Up: Tshering Choden Norbu, Class X, Gelephu HSS, Gelephu 

Higher Secondary School level (Class 11 and 12)

  • 1. National Mathematics Champion for Higher Secondary School: Sonam Norbu, Class XII, The Royal Academy, Paro 
  • 2. First Runner-Up: Sonam Tobgyal Dorji, Class XII, Motithang HSS, Thimphu Thromde 
  • 3. Second Runner-Up: Sonam Dorji Tamang, Class XI, Mendrelgang HSS, Tsirang